Here I share with you my encounters with corruption. I will fight this menace till my last breath and would be glad to know your advice for further course of action.

My encounters with Corruption 

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All of us must have faced corruption one way or the other; so have I. But here I am sharing my experience for my resistance to cooperate in corrupt practices of seniors and price I had to pay for this resistance.

I joined Central Tool Room, (A Govt. of India Society), A-5, Focal Point, Ludhiana as Cost Accountant. But costing exercise was never done and I was given the job of financial accounting. Later my designation was changed to Asstt. Accounts Officer. My diligent , sincere and efficient working did not suit the high ups as that crossed roads with their personal interests. My sincerity to the organization in stead of to the person fetched me some irk of the seniors despite their recognition for my work. With retirement of the GM a new young person, Sh. A P Sharma, from the office was appointed in his place (which later proved to be as unlawfully, only due to sheer favoritism, because he did not possess the requisite minimum experience for the post). This GM expected me to follow his instructions blindfold; even asking for written orders for deviations was seen as challenging his authority. When my reluctance to accept his unreasonable instructions not supported by written orders started fetching his unreasonable wrath I wrote a note dated 9.8.07 (annex 1) to my HoD for expressing my feelings. Since any solution was out of his scope he forwarded it to the GM. When nothing was heard about the fate of the above note I sent a reminder on 27.10.07, against which I received a memo from Admin deptt. dated 29.10.2007 (annex.2) that my note dated 9.8.07 was not received in GM office. On the same day I received a memo dated 29.10.07 (annex 3) from my HoD stating therein that no discrimination shall be meted out to me and also that my note dated 9.8.07 was forwarded to the GM within two three days. On 7.11.07 I received a note from the Admin section marked to me by my HoD asking me to give the details of my grievances. I prepared a detailed note dated 23.11.07 of my grievances (annex 4) and forwarded it to the HoD. This note, which I prepared only after my Hod desired to know the details of my grievances, in stead of changing the mindset of the GM towards a positive direction, had exactly opposite reaction. I started receiving vibes for it with further rigidity in the attitude of the GM, noticing which I sent a note dated 3.01.o8 (annex 5) expressing my fears and my intention to go to other channels for redressal of my genuine grievances. But, in stead of taking it in the right spirit, the GM got issued an office order dated 3.1.08, (received by me much later) vide which a corrupt officer, whom I had named in my note dated 23.11.07 as an example for getting benefits on sheer sycophancy, was made to be my HoD in the absence of my regular HoD despite he being a diploma holder in Elec. Engg. And myself being Master of Commerce, despite availability of HoD (Admin & Accounts) as more suitable for that job. This was purely a repercussion to my note, just to annoy me. I sent a request dated 22.01.08 (annex 6) to my HoD highlighting the negative attitude of the GM towards my grievances with the remarks that I would not follow this derogatory order issued just to degrade me. The matter did not end at this only. In the mean time efforts were on for finding something against me. But when nothing concrete could be found the GM hit upon another idea. He knew that I was a heart patient with spinal chord ailments, I having told him in my leisurely meeting with him soon after his joining as GM, when relations were not bad, about my condition in acute backache when I am not able even to turn my side at my own and some one has to help me for that also. He further knew that I was a heart patient who had fallen unconscious in the office itself. He also knew that I was not able to get my family along for a small period. He had managed, due to his links in the head office, i.e. MSME, to open a branch office at Jammu with support of a similar autonomous body at Meerut, his home town, for his convenience to visit his home at public expense and for easy embezzlement of public funds, without any provision in the rules or MoA of CTR for such branch or such partnership with an office outside its domain of activities, without getting the MoA amended, and without any authority with the head office for it. I was transferred to this office vide memo dated 11.01.2008 (annex 7) for a period of six months with the sole aim of harassing me; just applying pick and choose policy, as there was no transfer policy approved in the office, which is mandatory for such transfers; needlessly, as there was no work pertaining to me there, which is evident from the fact that no other person has been transferred to that office till date in place of me when I did not join there; forcing me to perform the duties much below my status, the jobs which were done by my subordinate staff in my office; just for six months, to be called back if I move with my family and retain there if go alone, possibility of which was extremely remote in view of my health. It is also worth mentioning here that before issue of these orders I was persuaded to mend my ways and start working as desired by the GM or face the consequences in the shape of transfer orders. I clarified that I was already working as per orders of the GM, and will continue working like that. And that the problem lied only when I was asked to work against those orders. But the ego of the authority lacked the sense and maturity to see the reason. The intention can further be gauged from the fact that when I asked for documents on 21.1.08 (annex 8) so that I could see how legal was this action the same were not supplied by mailing to my residence on 1.2.08 (annex 9) though I had requested in that request that I was on pre-planned leave from 28.1.08 to 8.2.08, and I was relieved from my duties in CTR in my absence vide above letter dated 1.2.08, of which I got aware only on my joining the duty on 11.2.08. On the day of my joining on 11.2.08 I had hardly marked my presence when I was told to leave CTR and join at Jammu and my officer, who came a bit late than me on that day had to face ire for not preventing marking of my attendance. On my asking for orders in this behalf I was given memo dated 11-02-08 (annex 10) but I was not allowed to stay in the office for submitting my reply or for clarifying him about the immaturity and illegality of his orders. The security people were called to send me out of CTR premises and my computer was taken away from my seat. But no body ever was transferred there in my place when I did not join there. There was no use in wasting my energy in convincing the GM about foolishness of his actions or the higher authorities for saving me from his evil designs, as the action was taken after taking them into confidence. My case was good for legal action but for that I was required to join at Jammu and fight legal battle, probably, for rest of my life, otherwise I would not have been eligible for any remuneration, thus rendering me loser even after winning the case and him the winner even after losing. I would have to spend all from my own pocket and he would have gained by engaging a lawyer of his choice at hefty remuneration from public funds, fetching a fat cut for him from that remuneration. I made up my mind for pre-mature/voluntary retirement and asked the HoD admin. if the scheme applicable to Govt. of India employees would be available to me also. The officer informed gleefully that I could avail it as per central govt. procedure with all the benefits applicable to central employees. I submitted my request for pre-mature retirement on 12.02.08 for effecting it on 31.05.08 (annex 11). I was informed that actual scheme applicable was voluntary retirement. I was asked to submit my unconditional request for retirement to the GM vide letter dated 18.02.08 (annex 12), and I submitted unconditional request for voluntary retirement on the same day (annex 13) which was accepted vide memo dated 14.3.08 (annex 14) as admissible under FR&SR to Central Govt. employees. I was persuaded to leave the way of confrontation in order to get my retirement benefits as per rules and in time and to join Jammu office as a token of no ill will at my end and a memo dated 22.3.08 (annex 15) was issued despite my expressing that since the orders were malicious and I preferred voluntary retirement in stead of obeying them, then obeying them in token will also be not proper for me. I, however, replied this memo vide letter dated 24.3.08 (annex 16) stating that my health did not allow me to join at a place away from my home and had to apply for leave of the kind due for all this period of more than three and half months. For passing of this leave also I had to simplify them that there would be no financial impact for passing or not passing the leave, as I will have to be paid for equal number of days of leave in excess as payment of leave encashment if I my salary was deducted by not allowing it, and that I was actually losing my salary for this period. During this period I had come across some information of some irregularities and embezzlements by this GM with connivance of his yesmen. Some of the same were highlighted in my note at annex. 4 and some more had come to my notice. The GM had his fears that those would be highlighted by me to some authorities. In order to take a feel of my mood in this regard I was asked if I was ready to give in writing that my grievances had been redressed to my satisfaction. I told him that I can't go against my conscious and fake the same as redressed while in fact these were not redressed. I further informed that by getting such comments from me would of no use, as redressal of my grievances had nothing to do with making of any complaint against the wrongdoers but only negative intentions would be confirmed if I go to higher authorities; and that I did not want to be smart by giving it in writing at that stage and going ahead after settlement of my dues. I was persuaded to commit that I would not pursue any matters related to wrongdoings in CTR, as he knew that my commitment was sufficient for avoiding any such action at a later stage. I informed him that I would not make any such commitment and would have to highlight these intentional irregularities as my national duty expects me to do so. I was issued a memo dated 29.3.08 (annex 17) much later than that date. An office order dated 2.5.08 was circulated for issuing me no dues (annex 18), but in stead of sending it to different departments I was asked to get it signed from all the departments. One of the yesman, whom I had indicted for corruption in my earlier notes, refused to sign the same, without having anything due from me by his deptt. And despite checking of the same by his subordinate. I informed about his irresponsible behaviour of disobeying the office order vide my note dated 3.5.08 (annex 19). But, in stead of seeing the reason, I was issued a memo dated 9.5.08 (annex 20) hypocritically, that my no dues certificate was incomplete and that I should get that signed. In the mean time my entry in CTR was barred except for very critical occasions when it was not avoidable. So much so that above letter at annex 20 was sent to me through courier and I was not allowed to enter in CTR, despite still being on its roll, and I had to send my reply through courier on 28.5.08 (annex 21). Reason can be shown only to the willing people; only the sleeping can be awakened and not the pretending. In response to my above letter I received memo dated 17.6.08 (annex 22) that my reply was not satisfactory and that I should get no dues certificate cleared; from the person I had reported having refused to sign without intimating what was due from me. Now it is upto your highness to consider it ridiculous or disgusting. Till that time I was no employee under the GM and was under no obligation of service rules prohibiting going to higher authorities for highlighting the irregularities or embezzlements. Going to the head office or immediate superiors of this GM was of no use, as he had a good influence there. I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister on 23.06.08 (annex 23) with complaint of his highhandedness and of his corrupt practices, with clear remarks that he had good influence in the head office. Even then it was forwarded to the same ministry on 7.7.08 (annex 24). I sent a letter to the Secretary , MSME, on 21.7.08 (annex 25) to take my assistance in more cases of corruption envisaged by me and some not reported by me due to chances of tempering if reported at that stage. But my involvement was not felt necessary and I was not aware what came out in the enquiry, or whether any enquiry was conducted or not. I received a letter from the head office dtd 1.10.08 (annex 26) that my complaint had been examined in consultation with the GM and his two line version was conveyed to me, against which I reported to the PMO vide my letter dated 22.1.09 (annex 27), and when no response was received, vide another letter dated 16.3.09 (annex 28) and again on 7.9.09 (annex 29) was sent, but without any information about any action. The letter at annex 29 was again forwarded on 7.1.10 through speed post, that too fetching no response. In between another complaint detailing fraudulent discrepancies and favoritism in selection exercise of this GM was sent to the PMO vide my letter dated 13.07.09 (annex 30), forwarded to the MSME on 27.7.09 (annex 31), that too bearing no fruit. In the mean time, as an effect of my first complaint at annex 23, I received a call from the office that some of my dues had been cleared and the cheque was ready, which i could fetch from the office. My visit to the office was greeted with fresh advice to stop complaining or pursuing the previous complaints against the GM and get the benefits at proper rates, or otherwise, the same would be paid at the least possible rates. When I refused to oblige, citing my duty towards the nation, the cheque of the payment passed at the least rates for partial benefits was not signed and I was sent back empty handed. My two more visits fetched similar behaviour, but on 26.7.08 I was not allowed to enter in the CTR premises. I talked to the HoD Admin on intercom but received a cold response that the cheque would be dispatched to me when ready and I should not come to CTR, without even giving the date by which it would be dispatched despite my asking for it. I connected to the GM, who was aware I was standing at the gate, because of the camera fitted there, which resulted in no answer despite being on his seat, as told by his PS, whom I talked to before connecting to him. I made a call on his cell phone from my cell phone, which he picked because my no. was not fed in his cell phone, but, due to the anticipation that that was my call, he waited for the voice from the other side without speaking a word. When he listened hello from me, he immediately disconnected it. I again talked to the HoD admin about his childish act with the information that I was going to the media to highlight his highhandedness and corruption. To counter it he planned to frame me in some fake police case and obtained some fake reports from his yesmen about my presumed misbehavior with him (annex 32). But due to the reasons best known to him these reports were not used at that time and I was informed through a phone to collect the cheque on following day. The payments of my retirement benefits was made at the minimum possible. Though there was no chance of getting my legitimate dues from the GM without stopping highlighting his misdeeds, which I was not ready to compromise owing to my sense of duty, yet I approached him in order to make a try to convince him and, if was unable to show him reason, exhaust the channel for approaching the higher authorities. I was called on 16.3.09 for hearing of my grievances, but in stead of hearing it personally, I was ordered to put my case to the committee formed by him, not for impartial recommendations but to give a justified look to the decisions already taken with malafide intention. The matter was discussed late in the evening but minutes could not be prepared that day. I was again persuaded to amend my ways in order to get my proper dues, for which I again expressed my inability citing the same reasons. When minutes were not prepared for next many days I prepared a note on 23 3.09 as per discussion held and handed it over to the HoD Admin. Minutes were prepared by CTR on 9.4.09 giving a different angle to the discussion actually held and recommending what the GM had desired. I sent a letter dated 20.4.09 (annex 33)to the Chairman (DC SSI, MSME) making him aware what was happening in CTR, but to no avail. The committee having only recommendation powers and not a deciding authority I asked for an order from the GM whether he accepted or rejected the recommendations. But no such order followed, despite my asking. I had to consider those recommendations as accepted by the GM and made an appeal with my appellant authority, the DC, MSME vide letter dtd 24.11.09 (annex 34), against which I received an ice cold response in the shape of his reply through his subordinate dated 7.4.10 (annex 35). My reflections for such a shabby handling of the issue vide my letter dated 14.5.10 (annex 36) met with muteness from that authority. During this period I also used RTI act for unearthing some other misdeeds. But in stead of providing me the proper information and smelling the rat in major activities of the GM the MSME adopted an attitude of shielding him. Only a partial information was supplied to me and an influence was used on the CIC, Sh. MM Ansari, who disposed off my three complaints, two against the appellant authority in MSME and one against the one in CTR, the same GM, in most ridiculous fashion, without even an endeavour to know what has been complained and what is being decided. He was quite angry with me when the GM told him in the only hearing I attended to that I was demanding the information to settle my personal score, though he could not satisfy me how the information could be used in settling the scores if there is no irregularities depicted in the information, and if there are irregularities then how highlighting of those is settling of scores. The officials were so encouraged that they stopped supplying the information or replying to my correspondence in this regard. I was once advised by the HoD Admin to stop highlighting the irregularities because that would be of no use as the GM had used his influence and become immune against any such complaints. I was not convinced at that time and had a great faith in the offices of CIC and PMO. But my faith started shaking in view of the indifference at such levels also. I noticed some other major corrupt activities of the GM, and noticing inaction at PMO level, this time I made a complaint to the CVC on 11.2.10 (annex 37), but that too was sent to the vigilance officer in the MSME 5.4.10 (annex 38)and dumped in the files without any action. My concerns for inaction by the CVC vide my letter dated 19.04.10 (annex 39) fell on deaf ears. The indifferent attitude of the offices of great expectations shattered me to the core of my heart. Is this the kind of freedom our martyrs laid their lives for; the freedom to loot and escape, freedom to protect the influential and remain inactive on the issues of protecting the honest people? The depression caused by this prompted me to write a letter to the PMO on 10.8.10 (annex 40) to grant me permission to end my life, with the remarks that if not denied (within a reasonable time) then I would consider the permission as granted and go ahead in appropriate manner, at appropriate time and place. This too fetched the same response of forwarding it to the MSME without feeling a need to endorse me a copy of the action taken. The MSME acted in more inhuman manner than earlier vide letter dated 29.9 10 (annex 41) that it is learnt that my dues have been settled and no serious irregularities had come to light during their examination of my complaints. Really, the light can be seen only by the people possessing eyes. But even the blind know about its presence by hearing from the others. What can be said about a deaf and blind sans vision as possessed by Helen Keller!