There are several issues before us.  But most critical are Corruption, Irrationality and Population Explosion, which if not taken care of will be a real threat for Survival of Humanity. I have suggested some measures to tackle these issues and need ideas from all who are seriously concerned.  Click on the link below to view these ideas titled as Survival of Humanity to remove corruption.pdf



·       Problem of corruption is not as easy as it seems on the surface. It is a complex problem.

·       Public dealing is considered as money mint and have a price tag attached to such posts. This blocks entry of honest people in administration. And those who pay have to recover their costs and reap the benefits too.

·        Expectation from politicians to stop it is expecting too much. They spend crores on election and have no option to recover that money except through corruption.  How can they stop it?

·       Political parties need funds for their survival. All the donations are only a price for safeguarding the interests of donors.

·       Honest people in any political party is like an odd man to be ousted soon as he can't arrange funds without favours to the donors.

·       Honest people can't afford the required expenditure for election and can't come forward, as that money can't be make good except through corruption.

·       Root cause of corruption, therefore, is our system of governance. Hence corruption can't be eradicated without changing present system.

·       A system has to be devised that only good people are offered to the voters for choosing the best out of them. (for details see 'Survival of Humanity')

·       A system has to be devised that candidates are barred from spending on electioneering. (Details available in 'Survival of Humanity')

·       Checks and balances need to be strengthened (details in 'Survival of Humanity')